tagNon-Erotic PoetryAn Ethereal Message

An Ethereal Message


An Ethereal Message

I heard the voice of your heart
Upon the winds of time
Calling to me....beckoning me....
Entertwining your soul with mine.

In an ancient ethereal rose garden, I sit
My wild auburn mane flowing wildly
As I gaze down in a time-worn stone pond
Filled with floating lilies, surrounded by crystal waters.
My reflection stares back at me
As a single tear slips down my silken face
Creating a ripple upon the mystical waters beneath.
My young heart feels heavy
As lonliness encases my heart with threads of hurt,
Turning my normally hazel eyes a pure hunter green.

A delicate flutter gently spreads across the surface,
As tiny flowers descend from the oak trees into the air around me..
This combination causes a ripple to crease the*liquid mirror.
As the water calms, a shadow of a man
Appears before me, beseeching me in my mind's eye.
I close my tear-filled eyes
When suddenly a voice, rich and deep, whispers....
"I am coming for thee, my beloved"
Making me feel seductively intoxicated.

Feeling darkness overtake me, I feel a warmth surrounding me
As I am gently caught upon the ethereal air of this ancient rose garden.
Laid gently upon the flowered bed.
I lower my long black lashes and surrender to slumber.

As I awaken, my dark green eyes flutter open
I gasp in surprise as flowers float among the mist around me,
Finding the earth surprisingly warm beneath me, protectively,
My eyes widen in shock, as a single blue rose lay upon my breast.
I gaze helplessly, as it shimmers on one blue petal.
Raising my hand gently, my heart flutters as my fingers touch a small golden celtic ring,
My lips tremble slightly as I touch the perfect emerald in its center.
Then as I turn to it over to read the inscriptions, I inhale a quick breath as it reads:
"Forever you shall be my beloved Milady Monique, loved by your Dark Knight"....

Note: I always write from the soul and my deepest thoughts.
*Liquid mirror is referred to by me as a mirror, for those that do not know.

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