tagErotic PoetryAn Ode to Strawberries And Cream

An Ode to Strawberries And Cream


Having you lie flat on your back, tracing a berry from
teasing your lips, over and around your nipples, dipping
into your bellybutton, to be followed
by my mouth and tongue, sucking up the juices.

Down, to where you in all your glory lie.
The red, ripe berry making swirls of cold wrap themselves
around your tender head, juice dripping into your hole,
fighting pre-cum for space in the tiny confines. The battle
over as I let my tongue first relieve the pressure, then
use my mouth to rid you of both fluids.

Down, to make your sensitive balls aware of each tiny
little strawberry seed as they feel the berry rub and
stroke the entire surface, cold fusing with warmth to
create an intense sensation, a chill and a glow at the
same time. My tongue lapping up the sweetness as I bring
you more warmth.

Up, to your hard throbbing cock. I run the berry up and
down the sides of your heaving manhood as I suck on the
head of you. Then I wrap my hand around your shaft, closing
my grip. Tighter...tighter...crushing the strawberry. It's
pink-red juice is running quickly, so I move to lap it up,
stroking you now with the crushed remnants of the strawberry
adding friction, fire to your already hot cock.....

Taking your throbbing, purple head into my hot strawberry-
stained mouth once more, I wrap my lips and tongue around
you and suck and pull from you your very essence. Until I have
combined.....to my delight.....strawberries and cream

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