tagErotic Poetryanal sex 101

anal sex 101


when it comes to anal sex
i have a strong affinity
picturing it in my mind
automatically fills me with glee
if you are a beginner
there are tips you need to know
i'm a good anal instructor
at least i think so
these are step by step instructions
on how to have anal sex
i'm gonna guide you through the process
which is not all that complex
the asshole has to be prepared
if it's gonna receive a penis
injuries can happen
and i really do mean this
you cannot rush into it
you must take it slow
laying on your side is easier
trust me i should know
first, put lube on your asshole
make sure you use enough
if you try to go lube free
that will be kind of tough
ky jelly is lubrication
but i prefer anal-ese
anal sex is more tolarable
when you use one of these
start with a finger
then advance to two
these are good, easy instructions
that anyone can do
next use a dildo
that is rather small
take your time inserting it
and see if you can take it all
gradually use bigger dildos
to stretch your asshole out
anal sex is not meant to be painful
pleasure's what it's about
after two weeks of practice
you're ready for a real cock
and because you're so well prepared
it doesn't come as a shock
little by little
the cock enters your hole
mission accomplished
you reached your goal

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