tagErotic PoetryAssume The Position

Assume The Position


"Assume The Position"

Assume the position
Don't make me wait.
Don't dare hesitate.
Assume the position.
Its your destined fate.
To please your Master.

Assume the position.
On bended knees.
You may rest upon your haunches.
Cuffed wrists behind.
Breasts bound, pinched nipples,
My fingers squeeze.
Enough to please.
And make you wet between.

My cock fills your mouth.
That head you love to suck on.
Dripping precum on your tongue.
My hands grip hair so lovingly.
My balls slap your chin.
As you begin to choke.
I pull from your throat.
And watch you catch your breath.
But still wanting more.
Always wanting more.

Assume the position.
No! on your hands and knees.
I will not bind you.
Nor blind you.
Nor silence your gentle voice.
But, you will stay silent
You will not move.
You will only see,
What I want you too.

My strong hand,
Lays pain upon your ass.
So deep it stings your clit.
So deep you hit.....the sky.
In sweet burning ecstasy.
My cock a rod of muscle.
Is all your eyes can see.
Wanting him more and more.
Your loins a churning sea.

Assume the position.
No! lay stomach on the floor.
Wrists shackled to your ankles.
Stretched almost like a bow.
Your finger painted ass.
Needing more, waiting for,
My keen attention.
Your tension, a sweet taste.
To my eyes.

My cock your god, your life.
From small fist to cum filled balls
Pounds you deep, pounds you hard.
Makes you take it all.
Your nipples clipped and numb.
Your clit, so filled with blood.
You body needs to cum.
But I won't let you.
Not till you say you love me.
Give me, all that you are.
Then I will make you cum.... again and again.
Not just in body.
But in your heart.
Assume the position.
So we can start, my love.
So we can start.

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