At First

byTina Gale©

It begins in the laundry
with items quite sundry
dirty clothes, sandalwood oil
blue leopard print sheets....
( I have to meet this man! )
Set me to thinking
I knew it at once though.
His smile - quite delective.
His blue eyes - effective
at bringing me to my knees -
quite literally.
And though thoroughly warned
in black skirt,
silk shirt adorned,
after dates to the movies
two? three?
But who's counting?
March 8.
Cold, with a snowfall.
Shakespeare in the park
Kisses in the dark.
Oh so many shoes!
His accessories - phallic
candles, swords, spears - metallic.
His home -
a hideaway for us.
A confirmed bachelor at heart
and he does play the part - so well.
He says I'm his love,
his princess,
sweet baby.
He says I'm the one
of the many -
and there are.
Surprises of clothes
A Volvo, a rose
or two.
And the ring!
Yes, the ring - golden with diamonds.
I wore it
quite wedded
in my mind
though it ended
with a bit of persuasion
I had it made smaller
and yet
still so splendid.
He frequents my dreams.
As my lover he seems
made just for me
and my bed.
His manner - flirtatious,
His physique - advantageous
to the meeting and melting of hearts.
He makes me smile on my worst days.
Carries jokes for my tears.
Reads Gurdjef and Calvin & Hobbes.
I learn new words from this man -
claims I'm so 'Callipygian'
with a smile and a wanton pat.
But his dark side
I know
my sweet - Romeo,

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