tagErotic Poetryat the corner of your smile

at the corner of your smile

byzach green©

at the corner of your smile
partially hidden lies
a drop of sperm
that your tongue has
not found
my cock once
hard lies
soft curled at
the precipice of
your chin and neck
satiated by mutual
longing and lust
this pearl of
sits undetected
in the crease of
your smile
its harrowing journey
and narrow escape
at your hands
and lips
and tongue
and even your
scraping at the underside
of longing
it recalls the thrusts and
groans of passion
the pleasurish flash of
only to lie
at the corner of your
a forgotten droplet
of love
so this last link awaits
your tasting
smitten with your beauty
and desire
wanting to complete its

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