tagErotic PoetryAt The Office

At The Office


You watch me at the office every day,

Wanting, watching, listening to things I say,

But you know your presence to me goes unaware,

I don't see your leering, I don't even know you are there,

You eye the outfit I have on,

You notice from the tone of my legs....I'm not wearing nylons,

A short black skirt,

Button-down white shirt,

Black high-heels that strap around,

It's friday, so my long red hair is let down,

My nails are polished a bright cherry red,

Lips are scarlet, accentuating each word said,

The hours go by, it's almost time to go home,

You know where I live....isolated, alone,

You've watched me undress, what you could see,

Down to my white lace bra, and thong panties,

Then I would go behind closed doors...

Your eyes capturing no more,

But not today,

I won't get away,

You have a plan,

You've waited all you can,

Hearing the clicks of my heels and watching the sway of my hips,

Making your palms sweat as you'd tighten your grip,

The clock ticks...the hands go around to five,

The day ends....and you watch me walk out into the night,

I reach for the keys to my car,

I hear a noise, I turn around and there you are,

I am startled, but you seem familar to me,

So, I go again for my keys...non-chalantly,

I hear them jingle and look again at you, you have my keys in your hand,

I shake my head, mumbling, "Why do you have my keys, I don't understand!"

I feel your hand go over my mouth and I smell fumes,

You have my passed out body in the car, with one quick move,

I come to...and I am in my home,

A little dazed, but I know I am not alone,

I try to move my hand to my head,

I can't...I realize...I'm tied to the bed!!,

It's dark, but I can see you standing in the shadows of my room,

I sreamed and hollared....you didn't flinch, you didn't move,

You walked closer to the bed,

"There's no one around for miles," you said,

"So, go ahead and yell, and fight,

But, you are mine tonight!!

I asked you, "Where do I know you from?"

You laughed and asked, "Are you that stupid BITCH, that dumb?"

"You pass me every day in the halls at work,

But then you don't notice...you think I'm dirt,"

"Well, after tonight, you will never forget who I am,"

Recognizing what's going to happen, I scream, "NO, YOU CAN'T!!" YOU SAY, OH, YES I CAN!!

With that you lean over me and shove your thick toungue in my mouth,

Yes...the fear speads over me...you are going to rape me, there's no doubt,

You bite and nip at my lips,

Then...you suddenly move down...and shove my skirt up around my hips,

"Oh...mmm...look what we have here...

Little white panties, so revealing so sheer,"

With that you rip them off of me,

I gasp...."No!!...(whimpering) please???"

You put your hand over my mouth and reach for your suffocation rag,

You twist it...and tie it...making a gag,

Fearful tears are streaming down my face,

"Now, you little slut, I'm going to show you your place!"

With me spread-eagled and tied to the bed,

Tied and gagged...nothing more can be said,

You eye my shirt...and reach for a knife,

I tremble as you cut through my bra and shirt with one quick slice,

Your large rough hands pinch my nipples...when the are hard and erect, you begin to suck,

Nipping and biting, tugging, you look up at me and ask, "Ever had your tits fucked?"
From the disgust in my eyes,

The answer you realize,

You let out an evil laugh and kneel over me,"You are in for a treat!!,"

Pulling out your cock and laying it on my chest, I can feel the hardness, the heat,

You cup my tits together and start sliding your cock in and out,

Making my nipples ache and pout,

You increase your rythm and your speed,

You moan and groan, cumming all over me,

Glad you couldn't last,

I start to relax,

Feeling the tension ease,

You smile and crawl down between my knees,

I feel your hot wet mouth tonguing my clit,

I struggle and strain but I can't get away from it

You place one hand on my stomach to hold me still,

And it works, until,

I feel you shove two fingers deep inside of me,

You feel me jerk, and you say, "Face it...I'm going to FUCK THAT PUSSY!!"

With this I fight and strain, still trying,

Inside a mixture of pleasure and fear...I feel betrayed and start crying,

You thrust your fingers in deeper and harder each time,

Wanting me to cum...to cross the line,

I try and refuse,

But at your masterful hands, it's no use,

You feel me tense and tighten down on you,

I cum...and you lick it off...I am repulsed and,yet, aroused at what you do,

You stand, and again I can see that your cock is erect,

"Now, I'm going to fuck that pussy, it's good and wet!!"

You uncuff my hands and flip me over on all fours,

Then you restrain me again, cuffed once more,

You slap my ass,

And let out a laugh,

You tease me with the head of your cock,

Starting to shove it in...then you pull out and stop,

Feeling me whimper and start to moan,

You plunge in deep, driving it home,

Hands on my hips,

You tighten your grip,

Harder and faster, deeper within,

My body starts quivering and I cum once again,

Just as I start to recover...with no warning at all, you plunge deep into my ass,

I almost faint at the pain, you pull my head back,

Watching the pain on my face,

You increase your pounding and quicken your pace,

You untie my gag and tell me to beg for you to fuck me, rape my ass,

Your cock feels so good, I'm lost in the sensation, and for a minute the fear has passed,

"Fuck me, fuck my ass! Rape me, take me,"

And as if that wasn't enough,

You call me your whore, your slave, your slut,

With one hand in my hair you pull me back into you,

You are moaning and groaning, I start to cum again, and you do too,

I buck,

You fuck,

And then I collapse,

You let out a sigh, then a small laugh,

My hands still cuffed, you roll over to me and say, "Claiming you earlier is the only thing I regret!"

You are mine now BITCH!! Don't ever forget!!!

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