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Waking slowly to heated kisses on my inner thigh.
Opening my eyes to find silk cloth covering them.
Moving my arms only to find their held above my head by two strong hands.
My heart beats faster as yet another pair of hands opens my legs wide.
I whimper as soft kisses turn in to genital bites.
Breathing fast and shallow as I struggle against what is happening.
Rough leather is tied to my arms to hold them in place.
Licking and biting mouth move closer and closer to my warm silky opening.
I moan still fighting the pleasure saying "No stop please....."
Yet I want it to continue I want to feel those silky lips upon my heated core.
Some one leans over me close to my ear whispering " stop fighting you love it we know you do."
A hot mouth covers my perky nipple sucking biting hard.
My body arches up as the pleasure courses down my body.
Fingers dig into my thighs keeping my hips down.
Soft lips suck hard on my wet hot mound.
Shivers run up my spine as a hot tongue slithers up my slit.
Biting my lips to keep from begging for more.
Feeling hands cover my tender breasts pulling and squeezing hard.
My pussy is on fire as I feel the slippery tongue find my clit, flicking softly adding pressure.
I feel rough thick fingers enter me slowly going deep stretching my tightness.
My hips buck up begging for more even as my head is shaking No !
A hard slap on my thigh is my reward.
Holding my body still as it is used for their pleasure.
"Beg for more" whispers along my breast as I feel the sting of teeth again and once more my body convulses.
" Please more Ahhh please..." I hear my traitorous voice beg and plead for more.
Hands roughly position my body for their pleasure, my thighs spread wide legs lifted.
I scream in Ecstasy as he drives deep into me stretching me more open.
My screams cut short as the other one shoves his hard shaft into my waiting mouth.
Pushing into me hard and fast, bruising my body with their strength.
Pleasure builds until I am delivered into sweet oblivion.

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