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Leaning figure by the door picked something from his pocket
Angry sound and flash of light.. she parked ‘69 Corvette
Open coat and partly covered thighs, foggy moon began to sweat
Curious wind smelled her hair. In the air, long tail from the comet
One shot, fell down suspect. Walking smile gave birth to white starlet
World turned into little dot. The Great Red Spot centre of her amulet
Her almost grey eyes, to him, unseen surprise caused heady effect
With her mind, she control butterflies but yet, holds this one secret
Around fine boned finger, silver ring with an inlaid rosette
Her breath tinged pink, he couldn’t think in speeding roulette
His lips touched her neck, her burning hips did slow motion pirouette
Dark clouds above got wet. Under black blouse, he felt thin corset
Staring figure by window removing soaking leather jacket
There’s no compares, high heels at wooden stairs on thick carpet
With great respect, horny moon walked her dark silhouette
In his leaning and windy mind, silence and earthquake met
Time went blind, everywhere jumped an’ seconds somewhere left
“Hey, brunette! Listen.. When you walk, the whole universe is quiet.”
Gentle laughter without regret, last beam kissed her silver anklet
In her heart, the cradle of purest art painted butterfly set
One of them, bright violet. Across dimmed hall flew irresistible net:
“Thanks, poet! Would you like to feel never-ending rodeo with Juliet?”

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