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Back in Business


How I wish
I didn't do that
Your expectations were so high
But here you are
In our bedroom
And unmistakably
Those are my feet
Pointing towards the sky

Put down your luggage
Let me explain
My Mom said
Never to talk
With my mouth
And you will admit
Since you're here
That with two cocks in it
My mouth can't be

I could use some signs
To explain the touchy
But my hands
(My both hands!)
They already chat
And giggle
In conversation
With some girls' midland

Did you see
"Pussy Talk"?
That would be an option
If a vibrator
Wasn't in action
And rocking
Between my legs
Who holds this gun
To which I yield?
I can't say, and
From where you stand
You certainly
Have a better view
Of the battlefield

Oh, baby
Why are you here
Your boss
Your crazy boss
(Yes, that's him, of all people!
Giving a raise to my left nipple)
Why didn't he toss you
Some extra work to do?

Honey, look in my eyes
My innocent blue eyes
(But quick! Hurry!
Before they blindfold me)
Don't you believe
I'm truly sorry?

Now that you're back
You'll be so cruel
I bet -- No, I know
You won't forgive me
Just yet
You'll punish me
Insult me in French
Tear off my panties
Yell at my stench
And fetch me, and whip me
And make me a wretch!

(But to do all that
If you really love me
You won't wait
For my friends
To be gone...

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