tagNon-Erotic PoetryBallad of Jack and Mable

Ballad of Jack and Mable


When Jack arrived in early fall
He had no eyes; saw light in all.
Through the vines sent message around,
Another to share this hallowed ground.
Introduced himself from bloom to bloom,
Only one answered , with an eerie tune.

Mable sent songs of beauty and youth.
The vines were laden with wisdom and truth.
She wished they existed for more than a meal;
Hoped light and footmen and a carriage were real.
They used the connection of vines to converse;
Early October, she mentioned their curse.

Both our names mean we are destined for;
Serving others' dreams: there is nothing more.
Jack's for the lantern on someone's porch,
You may get a candle, why dream of a torch.
Mable's for the table, served in various dishes.
We both have dreams but forget about wishes.

Through mid October their thoughts were akin,
Jacks repetition of brightness within.
Mable continued with her inner voice;
We may have dreams, but we have no choice.
Our future will be snipped, by young and old.
We serve others Jack; their stories will be told .

Jack had hope, his dream still the same;
Through the vine Mable's voice came.
This time singing of hope for tomorrow.
I have dreams too, no time for sorrow;
Jack, my Love, we are in the rough;
Tell me that Love will be enough!.

He hoped all had heard Mable's song;
Maybe another felt they didn't belong.
She'd sang of a carriage that would take her away;
Wishing someone would listen and hear one day.
Outside a Chateau Mable declared;
Everyone's dreams are meant to be shared.

It was late October when the cutters arrived;
Vines were severed; their connection survived.
Destination unknown, beyond this patch,
Jack saw dreams they both could catch.
They still shared visions under skies so blue;
Vines being needless for dreams to come true.

Then Jack was set on top of a table,
His memory haunted by songs from Mable.
He'd heard her sing, but now he has eyes;
A gift received from the cutter's knives.
Jack looked left, then looked right,
Almost afraid of who may be right.

Mable's dream of a carriage, and footmen too,
Came to life, with a motley crew.
Saved from the table by a Fairy's wand;
Her wishes were transformed into dreams beyond.
She felt her shape begin to change,
Now she knew; Jack's dreams weren't so strange.

Cutters next gift for Jack was a nose;
Then a candle is placed, light grows and glows.
Artistic hands carved a smile so clear,
Giving him the dream he'd held so near.
His wish came true ,his dream will stay;
Till All Saint's Eve, to light the way.

Last of October, Jack shines on a sill,
When along comes a carriage up the hill.
Overlooking the princess sitting within;
He only hears Mable, singing to him.
"I'll be back by midnight, not a minute past,
Wait for me, hope your candle will last.

Jack has heard Mable's voice;
Having a dream, creates a choice.
His inner light shines brighter than before;
He sings their truth, not clouded by lore.
"I will wait for you, our light will shine;
Together, forever, on dreams we'll dine.

At midnight a carriage, passes his porch,
Through the darkness a candle's as bright as a torch.
His light shines brighter when she's Mable again;
She is glowing with light, left from within.
Jack's eyes light up, smile widens too,
All wishes and dreams really can come true.

First of November; is a perfect day,
Love and belief have found their way.
Their spirits rise; together still,
No longer searching beyond the hill.
Inner light shines from both, for all;
Jack and Mable arrived in the fall.

Thank You PandoraGlitters for offering this October challenge.
I know this "ballad" still needs a lot of work but thanks to you I pushed myself to get better and step out of my comfort zone.

Happy Halloween!

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