tagErotic Poetrybanging barack

banging barack


i know you remember
bill clinton and monica lewinsky
well i wanna bang barack
even though it will be risky
we would fuck in the oval office
and keep the door shut
how awesome would it be
to make the president nut
all the items on his desk
he would push to the side
then i'd get on top
giving his dick a ride
he'd keep my number on speed dial
for when he wanted to fuck me next
it's like i'd be on retainer
for when he wanted more sex
as good as he looks
i hope he's that good in bed
i'd make him forget about michelle
he would want me instead
we could do all sorts of things
and i would not object
i imagine a night with him
would be absoultely perfect
i can see the headlines
"lisa does barack"
that would be my 15 minutes of fame
for getting the president's cock
he'd have to caugh up some cash
if he wanted to keeep me quiet
fucking the president
i think i just might try it
i'd make him cum so hard
he wouldn't know what to do
look out president obama
i've got my sights set on you

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