byJack Gates©


I met her first in the Market Square,
our eyes held fast when she sold me a book.
her summer dress left her shoulders bare,
she blushed scarlet at my suggestive look.

I chatted her up in an audacious fashion,
she asked me what novels I liked to read?
I replied, 'Sexy, with lots of hot passion,
to fire up my corrupted lecherous need.

My wild sexy talk was giving her a lusty thrill,
her nipples resembled thimbles in her dress.
I asked her her name and said mine was, 'Bill.'
'Elizabeth,' she said, but liked to be called, ' Bess'

When I inferred it sounded like a dog's name,
she tried to slap me so I grabbed her wrist.
She proved to be a passion hungry dame,
lewdly, she gave me her tongue when we kissed.

She passed me a book which was just called, 'Candy.'
Saying she had read it and it had given her a buzz.
She said every page had made her feel randy,
when I asked her why? She just said, 'because!'

She told me she only worked three days in five,
and didn't know how to pass the other days.
I said, 'The Kama-Sutra will keep you alive,
and it will teach you lots of very horny ways!

Bess giggled and intimated that it would be too risky,
to fill her pretty head with carnal knowledge.
What would she do if it made her feel frisky
and there was know one there to stir her porridge?

I missed her sorely on the days she wasn't there,
cursing myslf for not asking her for a date.
It was plain that she enjoyed my sexy chatter,
next time, I must, before it was too late!

We met at her place, a nice little rural flat,
she was warm and brim full of coquettish charms.
She was so quick and elusive like a sinewy cat,
wriggling eel-like when she was wrapped in my arms

Bess kissed me with passion, eagerly with open mouth,
sighing deeply when she felt my hands begin to wander
Hovering around her breasts and then moving south,
the more intimate I got, the more Bess grew fonder.

It was plain to see that our Bess was easily led,
she readily complied to all I dared to suggest.
She was first to get naked and hop into bed,
teasingly, inviting me saucily, to be her guest.

Stripping off quickly, at her urgent demand,
her eyes lit up when she clocked my cock size.
Eagerly, she took it into her soft white hand,
as I mounted her bed and prized open her thighs.

Bess's warm pussy had slippery juice oozing out,
her pungent odour was making my nostrils flare.
So, this is what the bees and the birds are about,
I flicked in my tongue as deep as I could dare.

Some say the taste of pussy juice is devine,
I think it is salty, awful tangy and even fishy.
They are kidding who say it tastes like wine,
tastes the same even, if they are ugly or dishy.

I could feel Bess getting excited and warm,
her need was obvious, her body language eager.
Expecting me to act like a man and perform,
the sexual act, she wanted me to put it up her!

She jack-knifed herself as I moved over her,
my hands gripping her ankles, near her head.
My knob disappeared in amongs't her pussy fur,
as I thrust in my cock, pinning her to the bed!

Bess's body began to shake and violently throb,
as she butted her twat onto my pistoning cock.
She wriggled excitedly to get even more of my knob,
as it slipped in and out of her hot juicy dock!

Suddenly, she cried out! You are making me cum!
I am cumming like I never have never cum before!
If you like, you can roll me over and do my bum,
I don't really care if you do make my ass sore!

I coughed and spluttered, so taken by surprise,
as globules of my spunk shot into her grotto.
Putting all of your eggs into one basket isn't wise,
I believe it's someones inane and ludicrous motto!

My balls throbbed with pain as Bess sucked them dry,
and she was still crying out, 'Please fuck me harder!'
Why do women do that? When they know you've let fly,
when a guy is knackered with a depleted spunk larder!

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