tagErotic Poetrybest sex ever

best sex ever


i'm drenched with sweat
my pussy's wet
this is as good
as sex can get
your dick is rigid
your chest is heaving
we fucked from the morning
straight into the evening
orgasms for you
orgasms for me
i never knew
how good sex could be
my other lovers
we're lazy in bed
that's why i'm glad i met you
so i can fuck you instead
you work my pussy over
thrust by thrust
you'll give me multiple orgasms
that i can trust
you get me butt naked
then start your attack
you cum on my face,
ass, and back
you fuck me from the front,
back, and side
then i straddle you
and give your cock a ride
you pump my pussy
plunging your dick deep in
sex this good
must be a sin
we fuck for several hours
before taking a break
the bed was moving so much
it felt like a quake
we fuck until
we're totally exhausted
i really wish it were with you
when my virginity i lost it

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