tagErotic PoetryBound...To please

Bound...To please

byThe Bard©

I see you there so soft and sweet, my lips you do entice.
Perhaps I will just look at you, perhaps that will suffice.
But no I want you close to me, to taste you on my lips,
And so I sneak up to your form, your flesh my hand now grips

If you could talk I wonder now, just what you might say.
Would you beg or plead with me, or would you simply pray.
Would you say, Oh God, kind Sir, I beg of you No, Please
Do not tear at my flesh, I know you could with ease.

Yet that is too soon for me, for I must smell your skin
Before I taste your sweetness dear, before I do begin.
That Heavens scent you have for me, assaults my senses now.
Twisting my thoughts of thee, but this I know not how

My hunger grows for your taste, and lips part now you see.
So teeth can scrape along your flesh, Oh Yes,, this has to be
Such sweet passion it brings for me, such pleasure and such zest
To taste the wonders of your skin, my sweet you're just the best

Your tender flesh I peel back now, to taste more of your fruit
Some might say I'm ravenous, a terrible cruel brut
But as I push my tongue inside, there is no complaint
One might even say that I, have shown so far restraint

I think not of the pain, such an act might bring
For I want to taste of you, that is just the thing.
I hug you close to my face, til all of you I taste
And yet I know this is something, you have never faced.

My mouth encloses in the folds, Oh so soft and sweet
Capturing the juices of, a taste which can't be beat.
And then they run down my cheek, I shift to taste it all
For not a single drop, will this fellow let fall.

And when at last my hunger has, been sated by you dear
I must just throw away, your orangey peel I fear.
And yes I know you think that this, simply wasn't fair
For I could have eaten, your sister, the nice pear.

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