tagErotic PoetryBuster Brown!

Buster Brown!

byUncle Pervey©

Buster Brown was a seller of shoes,
And the shoes he handled were the best.
He was a small rolly-poley dude,
And he always wore shorts with a vest!

Buster Brown wore a small funny hat,
With a dangling ribbon on top.
He always smiled with a big toothy grin,
And his smooth bullshit never would stop!

Buster would act somewhat strange at times,
But he wasn't someone you'd call dumb.
It seems that Buster loved to get stuffed,
Cause he loved a big cock in his bum!

He had a two-way mirror above,
His toilet in his private bathroom.
When a likely man had to go pee,
Buster'd hide and check him from the gloom!

If Buster Brown wanted what he saw,
He'd slip a pill into the man's drink.
He'd have the man under his control,
Before the man could take time to think!

Buster would tell the man to undress,
And he'd strip down, and not hesitate.
Buster would fondle his cock and balls,
And mumble to the man "This is great!"

Buster always sucked the man's cock first,
He'd sucked the man's cock with a reason.
He figured if he drained the man once,
His suckin' would extend his pleasin'!

Buster would lick and suck til he came,
And he'd swallow all the man's hot cum.
He'd lick it til it got hard again,
Then turn around and proffer his bum!

Buster would bend over and back up,
And guide the man's cock into his hole.
Buster Brown would push back with real joy,
And start shouting out loud "Bless my soul!"

Buster would make his asshole squeeze tight,
And he'd milk the man's cock with delight.
When he'd feel the man's cock spurting out cum,
Buster'd push back with all his might!

Buster would keep squeezing, while the cock,
Kept spraying the hot cum in his ass.
He'd suck the man, and get fucked all night,
And then give the man a "Return Pass!"

Buster Brown had the best shoes around,
And could even put shoes on a steer.
But he had just one little problem,
Buster Brown was a "Closet Queen" queer!!

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