Can I?


Can I have sex with you?
Do you know how sex can be?
Roll with me
Does your girl like girls?
I can teach her

Can I take her hair in my hand and
Pulling her face up
Take her mouth with mine and drink her?
Can I take her nipples in my hand and
Roll them,
Cupping and sucking?
Can I slide my body along hers
Reach behind and grasp you?
Slide into me,
Drive my mouth into her pussy with your

Let me run my hands down her body and
Suck you dry, like you never have known

You can feel my throat
Close around you
So deep

I’ll dance for you,
Salome twirling and spinning,
For one thing in return.
I will come to you, a succubus
Less fairy, more nymph
An angel drunk with the power and force of sex
And you cannot stop me,
Though all you need say is no.

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