tagNon-Erotic PoetryCan't Find Yourself

Can't Find Yourself


Take my world and tear it down
Strip it down to dissolve barriers
Pull away its inner workings
Rip insanity from its peaceful mind.

Cut the cords that balance the spectrum
Love the way you deface the properies
Caress the pain you inflict among others
Kill the company you seek to embrace.

Why do you attempt to hurt others?
The ones who found themselves
While you lay battered and beaten
And rebuilding those mechanical disillusions.

Why must you try and strip us down?
Do you want us to be just like you?
Stripped of a real life and a real you
And a real belief you really cared for?

Sad and simple, jealousy changes the weakest
Because one never sees himself
It's just too bad you search through others
Becuase you can't find yourself.

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