tagErotic PoetryCarl and Jen's first time

Carl and Jen's first time


Carl's and Jen's first time

Young Carl's been boyfriend to young Jen
And he can remember the evening when
He pushed open the garden gate
Of her house as they went on their first blind date

She was a friend of his younger sister
And his mind still went to when he first kissed her
After a cinema trip, and then a meal
He held her close and closed the deal.

Two years on and they regularly stay
At their parents houses, every other day
His bed is large while hers is a single
They still make out and their tongues do mingle

As they kiss and caress and squeeze and hold
Their lovemaking evolved and they both got bold.
They looked on the internet and found pictures
Of different positions and the various features

Of the variety of poses and what effect
To keep her wet and him erect.
Of the missionary, crisscross and her lips unfurl
As they do the doggie and reverse cowgirl

For weeks they've known but couldn't say
And this weekend with both his folks away
It's sits unspoken and they know it's next
When he slides between her open legs.

He's not said and neither has she
But they both know that it'll have to be
On the list and wherever they look
On the internet and in every book

They've made love and had lots of fun
But it seems as if this has to be done
And while they like to try things new
They both have never taken a view

It's said to be every young man's dream
It's healthy all the girls' mags scream
But he's worried that his chance is slim
And if he asks she will think less of him

And she's filled with apprehension
He'll think she's cheap if she should mention
That even though she wears his ring
They have both been so avoiding

Neither knows the other's able
To reach into their bedside table
They've both been to the shop and sought
That special aid and both have bought

That small box that holds the tube
Of clear unscented personal lube
Now both are equipped and both can do
And breach that final couples taboo

So on the famous night in question
Just in case he makes the suggestion
She runs to the shower feeling grim
And there surprised bumps into him

She smiles, he smiles, nervous faces
As they both intend to scrub those places
That never get mentioned, never seen
And each thinks the other thinks obscene

And so the abundant water sprays
And for the moment it allays
Any fears that they might share
And soon they both begin to dare

That after all it'll be alright
And they'll finally get to do it tonight
The shower doesn't have room to spare
And they with gel and sponge prepare

They relax and with hands and lips
They touch each other and each slips
Into calmer feelings and each alters
To feelings of lust beneath the waters

She takes a handful of soapy gel
And takes his prick she knows so well
And rubs and pumps to great effect
And in a few moments he's fully erect

And Carl, he's no slouch at it
And with wet hands seeks out her clit
And with left hand does stroke and strum
While the right slowly reaches to her bum

She gasps in his face in shocked delight
And their smiles show that it's alright
With a finger moistened with soapy sud
It slides down her crack to her tiny rosebud

She leaves rubbing his penis for a second
And just enjoys what she has reckoned
Was going to happen and in the shower
She beams at him as his finger goes lower

Around his neck she slides her arms
And reaches up so all her charms
Are with within reach of his tender grope
And all made nicer with the scented soap

He rubs across and he rubs around
Being guided by the joyful sound
Of her gasps and groans and of the sight
Of her body's responses to the new delight

He thinks it's time that he did seek
So with a soft hand on each pert cheek
He gently eases her globes apart
And with soapy finger he does start

At his first push she goes rigid
As he makes a thrust with his middle digit
And circles and circles then a gentle pump
She warms to the feeling and her shoulders slump

As she relaxes to his finger slim
And with a gentle pant she hangs on to him
He strokes quicker and circles inside
Knowing what to do from his internet guide

Her smile beams out at the new sensation
At her lovers interpretation
Of what he read about this process
As he pulled her to him she had to confess

That despite her initial fear
She was getting pleasure from her rear
And from her body language he did gather
That he could take the next step further

His mind made up no more debated
So a second finger was insinuated
Her eyes wide open at first pinch
Then squeezed shut as each delicious inch

Is pushed in and out of the virgin passage
And receives the most delicious massage
She glues her lips to his and writhes
And starts this chapter in their sex lives

"Carl" she gasps, "come on lets go
Let's take this to your bed," and so
She slips her arms from his neck but then
Notices on his face a grin

"What?" she says, her hands on hips
The cheeky smile across his lips
Instead of heading for his bed
He takes his girl in his arms instead

And turns her so she faces the wall
And bends her over in that shower stall
She feels a finger at the base of her spine
That draws further down in a sexy line

And settles at last where he was before
She starts to buzz as she watches the floor
Blind to what he does behind
But she doesn't really mind

"OK Jen," he says with a hiss
"Are you sure you are OK with this?"
She turns and nods and smiles so he
Puts soap on himself so she can see

He steps behind and levels his cock
That by this time is a glistening rock
Of soapy flesh she thinks a beauty
Already for its sexy duty

"Take a deep breath," he says to his love
And levels his tool at her from above
With her spare hand she reaches behind
And pulls one cheek so that he can find

Her vulnerable spot, with a reddened face
She feels him at her private place
And much as she tries hard not to grin
Slowly and surely he slides in

A single sharp sting like a Chinese burn
Is quickly ignored while he in turn
Pushes slowly and slowly into her core
Leaving her wanting more and more

"Aww fuck," she gasps as the water falls
The tickle on her thighs that must be his balls
Meaning that his all is inside
And slowly they can start this ride

He pulls out slowly and she takes a breath
And he pushes back in to a greater depth
The soap adding pleasure to this final tryst
And they add this experience to their loving list

He thrusts hard and she feels his glands
As it pushes and pulls and he moves his hands
To pull her hard on her hips, so back and forth
To screw his love with all his worth

As she starts to climb to these new highs
She slips a hand between her thighs
At her clitoris she can play and worry
Til her orgasm hits in a sexual flurry

And such is her tremble and such is her spasm
He comes in her deep to his own orgasm
He swells up and she feels him lift
She feels the heat of his liquid gift

He slowly pulls from her heated body
She recovers from this intense doggy
And smiles as she stands and he slides free
His glistening cock and she can see

He's just as pleased with their new trick
And the pleasure she got from his soapy prick
They both know that they will remember
This time, both cleaning his softening member

They finally finish the extended shower
And then in bed in less than an hour
They hold, and stroke and sweetly caress
Waiting for the moment when both will rest

From the power of what they'd both known
This thing, this doubt completely blown
This last taboo, this loving surprise
That changed them both before their eyes

The spoon to sleep and dream of when
They can be alone and try that again!

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