tagErotic PoetryChallenged Bi My wife

Challenged Bi My wife


Challenged bi my wife

She says 'I bet you can't reach out to him,
Make him snuffle about in your crack
The way he does in my quim'

I say 'you're on' and go up to the stud
So young and hard and hung
Tell him there's no more pussy pie for him
Unless I can play along
He cups a hand around his balls
As he holds my eye
This is his only reply

Later in bed, I kiss his small head
While she does much the same
To the one that contains his brain.
I spread his cheeks, teach him to eat
A man. Oh, he's quick to learn
This pup wants to earn our loyalty

So she loses the bet
As our hitherto het
Buries his tongue up my bum

Copyright Daniel Blue

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