tagErotic PoetryCopulation with a Goddess

Copulation with a Goddess


Sail away with me, and you will see,
You and me, we'll find ecstasy.

We'll make love under the sun;
Oh my love, we've just begun.

We'll make love naked and free:
Finding erotic ways to satisfy naturally.

With my breast caressed against yours,
The gentle touch of excitement soars.

You under me softly, your tenderness I trust;
Rocking and swaying to have you I must.

Harder and faster, I plead with delight
Then we collapse together and hold each other tight.

Holding, caressing, and loving without fear
Just you and me, babe, there's no one else near.

There at night, under the stars, drifting in the breeze,
We'll sit quietly listening to the trees.

We'll dance naked and gaze into each other's eyes;
While the stars above light up the skies.

Kissing and holding each other so tight;
And knowing no one else is in sight.

Rocking and swaying to the rhythm of the waves
It's just you and me babe, satisfying what both of our bodies crave.

So sail away with me and you will see,
There's no where else I'd rather be
Than just you and me finding ecstasy.
As the summers day strolls calmly into the shadows of existence,
she carefully tucks her warmth away behind a shroud of water colored
clouds, preserving her gift for yet another day of miracles; and as the
nights darkness cascades, I find myself lost in deep thoughts of you.

A shimmering star catches my attention
as it beams with the luster of a winters morning sun
reflecting its brilliance on the newly fallen snow.
And I think of you.

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