tagErotic Poetrydaddy's darling

daddy's darling


i'm still daddy's darling
eventhough i'm grown
and i love the times
when we are alone
it's like he's santa
and i sit on his lap
if mom found out
it'd be quite the mishap
daddy and i get along
better than most
we fuck all the time
and are very close
i'm daddy's princess
and he treats me as such
when we fuck
i love it so much
i play dress-up for daddy
and that gives him a boner
he's more than just my daddy
he's also my owner
he controls my pussy
and fucks me so well
the blood rushes to his penis
and it starts to swell
mom can never know
about me and dad
if she ever found out
she'd be jealous and mad
i'll always be
my daddy's sexy queen
he's been slipping me his dick
since the day i turned eighteen

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