tagErotic PoetryDance of Desire

Dance of Desire


Glances stolen,
Kissed lips swollen,

Pulse quickens, and all coverings fall,
Leaving each bare for the other to see all,

I breathe you in,
The dance begins,

Our bodies tangled in passionate embrace,
Slowly, down my body, your fingers trace,

The path which your toungue seeks to follow,
Searching, and exploring every curve and hollow,

Biting and nipping,
Sweet love dripping,

Needs mingle,
Bodies tingle,

Joyous sighs,
And orgasmic cries,

You fill me with every inch you have to give,
This is the very reason, my body lives,

Our bodies arch as we close the dance,
Ending with a tender kiss, and a passionate glance.

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