tagNon-Erotic PoetryDance Of The Sexes

Dance Of The Sexes


Men and women have been circling each other
Since the beginning of time.
A dance of desire, strength, power and position.
Enemies by nature, yet lovers in passion.

Women seek to be loved, understood and respected
Wanting a man to love her for her heart and soul
To be desired, nutured and cherished.
Yet she will hold on fiercely to her pride she covets.

Men want to be respected, wanted and be protector.
To keep his mate safe, loved...and to be loved.
Yet his pride sometimes consumes him,
In his need to dominate, being inner bred in him.

The rhythmic dance of men and women,
Will continue until the end of time,
Circling, guarding, watching yet loving each other
Waiting for an opening, waiting when to strike next......

...This will forever be...The Dance of The Sexes.....

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