tagErotic PoetryDance With Me

Dance With Me


Kiss me.
Watch me move.
Enjoy the show as
I undress for you.

Watch me tease my nipples.
As I move my hips from side to side.

Come to me.
Take my hand move close closer.
I want to undress you.
As your body move with mine.

Sway with me.
Cling to me hold me tight
Kiss me gently.

As our bodies dance into the night,
Slowly dip me.
I am ready for your passion.
Are you ready for mine?
Slow dance with me baby.

Your rhythm is magical.
I close my eyes,
I taste your lips.

You playfully tease mine.
Your kisses are sweet.
The Angels are watching,
Smiling as we dance together.
Baby it is time, join me.

Come with me to our special place.
Feel me as I feel you,
Tremble with me.
Mmmm what a beautiful dance we share,
May I have another?

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