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Dark Desires


Dark desires fill my heart,
keep me in a world apart.
Hold me close and keep me tight,
fill me throughout the night.

Make my choices, touch me true,
tell me what you want me to do.
Let me know and let me feel,
make me scream, cause me to squeal.

Master please, fill my senses,
Push me till my body tenses.
Take me over past the edge.
Make me step off the ledge.

As dark desires fill my heart
and keep me in a world apart,
let me know you love me true,
Posses my body, my mind too.

Your private property I will be.
Craving you, and your ecstasy.
Master, call me your own,
and I'll answer with every moan.

As dark desires fill my heart,
and keep me in a world apart,
I know that you're a dream come true,
whatever it is, you decide to do.

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