I always dreamed of that man
how is touch would slide across the palm of my hand
his lips along the skin on my back
his sighs of pure delight when he touched me like that
but then he would walk off
and I stared at his skin that looked so soft
I could tell he was a man on a mission
searching the grounds for forms of competition
but then I sat still and noticed it was you
laid back and imagined what was beyond my view
licking my lips and thinking of the romantic contact
of the caress of your lips and you began to walk back
I have had my heart broken and now left with fears
not believing I could love another for years
wishing for the day
remembering how many had passed my way
my heart spoke of a distant relationship
of rough rides and a dangerous trip
all I seemed to have left were my daydreams
of your lips and mine together with sweet ice cream
you watched me in the moonlight
never noticed how fast day turned to night
could this really be
can my dreams ever turn into reality
the way I fell for you was so naturally
maybe this was my way of finding destiny
I was nervous and scarred
but you calmed my fears by caressing my hair
I never knew I could have so many needs
but I will learn to trust you, and I’ll follow if you lead
you looked in my eyes and took my hands
promises of tomorrow and distant lands
I want to make my way slowly into your world
want to smile with joy for being your girl
then you took me to the floor
kissed me with your fire till I longed for more
we experienced pleasure unparalleled
into an ocean of love we both fell
swimming in the unknown waves of pure bliss
fantasies changing between each kiss
a chain of light unites our souls
or breath as one until the point of no control
if I opened my eyes would this all be true
never-ending tenderness for me and for you

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