tagNon-Erotic PoetryDesert Flight

Desert Flight

byLady Kouka©

The mirage of heat rises like the fiery wings of the Phoenix flapping in the stillness of the air,

Eyes squinting at the shimmering horizon, statuesque bluffs in the distance,

A lone bird of prey searches for his morning meal, soaring high over the desert sand,

My heart follows his graceful flight, lifting with him as he seems to hover on the wisp of a cloud,

In a blink of an eye, this prince of the desert swoops down, talons at the ready,

My breath catches in my chest as he dives down to the ground and soars upwards once again,

As he flies off in brisk fashion as he clutches his family's repast, a successful hunter to share his spoils,

I sigh wistfully as my unknown companion leaves me, becoming a mere dot on the horizon,

Raising my face up to the sky, eyes half closed, feeling the sun beat down upon it,

With a calming sense of well being and contentment wafts it's way through me,

As I hear behind me an almost silent footfall and a gentle hand on my shoulder,

Turning my head, eyes sparkling up into the depth of his deep dark eyes, his soul open to mine,

Melting into each others embrace, the searing heat of morning sun going unnoticed,

Hand in hand we wander off to think of things that are and will be,

Our hearts as one, soaring in the heavens like the flight of that desert prince.....

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