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Desk Mate


You walked into my office;
It was the end of the working day;
All the others had left but you;
You finished work before play.

You really looked so beautiful
And had such gorgeous breasts;
I dreamed of you so many times,
And I always made a mess.

But today I could last no more;
I had to have my rest;
So I pulled up your flimsy top,
And with a 'rip' I freed your breasts.

Before you could even react,
I had your nipple held in my lips:
Your resistance rapidly slipped.

Little moans escaped your mouth
As your other nipple I did play,
And with my hand under your skirt,
Your bikini panties quickly fell away.

I felt your bush and stroked your slit
As your nectar began to flow,
And as my finger poked your tight hole
You spasmed and said, "Ohhhhh!"

I knew you were mine, and it felt so fine;
You bucked and screamed and begged;
No resistance was left in you at all
As you begged for my special leg.

You were wet and ready to go;
I knew you would never last.
So in your hole I squeezed my pole,
And pumped you hard and fast.

Your eyes got so big and wide;
You screamed and bucked and writhed,
And quickly came so strong and long
As I pumped your sweet insides.

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