tagNon-Erotic PoetryDon't Bother To Approach Me

Don't Bother To Approach Me


If you cannot be a real man
And take the time to really known me,
For who I am
Then don’t bother to approach me.

If you think to size me up in one date
To judge me,
To come to a conclusion just based on my looks
Well, you’re pretty shallow and blind in my books.
Don’t bother to approach me.

When you are picking and choosing
Parts on a woman you prefer,
And not her as a complete woman,
You’re being a real loser.
Because the treasure she truly, is what you will be missing
If you’re so clueless,
As all of this,
Don’t bother to ever approach me,
You’re not worthy even worthy.

If you forgot that I have a heart,
if you didn’t care that I have feelings
While you were dismissing me cause I have children,
I’m informing you that you’re the one that just lost,
So get lost.
Don’t ever bother again, to approach me,
I don’t want a man
Who’s brains are the size of a pea.

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