tagNon-Erotic PoetryDont Give Up On Me

Dont Give Up On Me


Like a wounded animal, I will sometimes lash out when hurt
 Not thinking, not meaning to hurt anyone, yet gravely misunderstood
 Wanting no one to see my tears, as I hide my water filled eyes,
 Lashing out in hurt behind my protected wall of anger and pride.

 Misunderstood, is a young woman verbally attacked and abandoned
 To heal her own wounds in the shadow of herself,
 Vulnerable, knowing the world could care less, I place my shield
 In full view, as I heal my inner pains, allowing no one in.

 Look into my eyes, instead of my words,
 You will see my love, my softness, and my vulnerability.
 Words can easily be said in anger or hurt, that's plain to see,
 Search my heart instead...Dont give up on me.

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