tagErotic Poetrydouble dick occupancy

double dick occupancy


my asshole awaits you
your hard dicks it does desire
you have no idea
the sexy thoughts you inspire

two tongues tease my asshole
licking and lapping
balls deep in my butt
my cheeks they are slapping

you tag team my anus
stretching it and making it wide
it's open to the point
it can take both your dicks inside

your throbbing dicks fill my butt hole
you can feel it contract and tighten
you're talking dirty to me
and my arousal is heightened

pre-cum is dripping
and it tickles my tush
i answer both of your strong thrusts
with my own powerful push

our bodies are drenched with sweat
the room smells of sex
those who don't like anal fucking
truly leave me perplexed

you're both pounding and pumping
my chest is heaving and i'm humping
my sweet asshole eagerly awaits
a heavy duty cum dumping

flood my butt with your nut
then watch your semen slowly seep
then you two relive the whole thing
as i soundly sleep

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