tagNon-Erotic PoetryDragon Fire!

Dragon Fire!

byUncle Pervey©

The serfs just called him "Lizzard,"
A monstrous scaley beast!
They feared and loathed his hot breath,
He used fire for his feast!

This dragon old and wiley,
His ageless wisdom glowed,
From eyes of jewelled silver,
Fire from his maw he'd blow.

When he went out night or day,
And he flew through their sky,
They had lost a lot of kin,
This wicked beast had fried!

This dragon had no conscious,
Or feelings that were kind.
All he lived for was to eat,
And capture and to bind.

His one true need was maidens,
He stole them for his food.
He liked them sweet and tasty,
His thoughts were never lude!

He terrorized the country,
He kept the humans scared.
Fearless eyed this dragon knew,
They'd hunt him if they dared.

This dragon was so merceless,
To all the serfs around.
He'd dive on them from the sky,
And burn their dwellings down!

Dragon wise he cruised the sky,
To see what he could see.
He'd spy a pretty maiden,
Swoop down grab her and flee.

He'd carry off the maidens,
And keep them in his cave.
He kept many pretty girls,
Inside his lair enslaved.

This dragon never feasted,
Just on a certain day.
He kept the maidens waiting,
The frightened girls would pray.

For deliverance they'd ask,
They prayed to God above.
They asked God for his mercy,
And asked Him for His love!

Then one came from far away,
A rider on his steed.
He came to slay the dragon,
To do the Holy deed!

He questioned all the people,
In villages he found.
He asked about the dragon,
And where it might be found.

The people gathered 'round him,
This Knight who sat his steed.
They saw his sword and armor,
They saw his hungry need!

One man among them spoke out,
He told him then and there!
Where he could find the dragon,
Where he could find it's lair!

The Knight then left the village,
And rode forth to the hill.
He knew he had a battle,
This dragon he would kill!

For long ago he'd lost her,
The lady of his life.
They'd made a vow to marry,
She was to be his wife.

He left then for a crusade,
But promised he'd return.
And while he fought the heathons,
His love the dragon'd burned.

He learned about his love's death,
And how that monster burned,
His sweet betrothed and ate her,
The love his heart so yearned.

He rode up to the cavern,
And called out to the hole.
"Dragon beast your life is done,
Of this I surely know."

He called out to the dragon,
"The maidens that you keep,
Tonight you scaley monster,
In their own beds they'll sleep!"

The dragon was awakened,
He'd heard the noisesome shout.
He roared and blew out fire!
As he rushed forth and out!

The Knight just sat and waited,
He heard the dragon first.
He heard the dragon roaring,
Then from the cave it burst!

The Knight sat still and watched as,
The beast's body emerged.
He dropped his lance and aimed it,
With heels the horse he urged.

The dragon blew out fire,
Just a little too fast.
Before he could catch his breath,
The dragon breathed his last!

The Knight looked down at the beast,
And said "I've filled my vow!"
Now that the maidens are saved,
This Knight can go home now!!

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