tagErotic PoetryEllie Mae!

Ellie Mae!

byUncle Pervey©

(Done to the tune of Beverly Hillbilly's theme song.)

Come and listen to my story, about Ellie Mae,
She loved her cousin Jeffy and her Dad and Mister Grey.
She loved to suck on all their cocks, and loved to every day,
And when she swallowed all their cum, this she had to say.

Daddy Dear I love you best cause you're my favorite guy,
And I love you Jeffy too, so Jeffy Dear don't cry.
And Mister Gray I wonder, just what for me he'll buy?
For sucking on his cock that long, she smiled with a sigh.

Jeffy caught her out one day, a bathin' by the pool,
She wasn't wearing any clothes, and Jeffy ain't no fool.
He sneaked right up behind her, and he was actin' cool,
He sprang upon her laying there, and fucked her with his tool.

Jeffy wasn't all that smart, but he stuffed her quick,
Any port was fine with him, as long as he could stick,
Inside his cousin Ellie, his cock so long and thick,
He spread her cheeks wide open and he stuffed her with his dick.

Jeffy fucked her long and hard, he pounded her real good,
He packed her asshole really tight, just like a feller should.
He pounded in and out of her, and said "I'm doin' good!"
He shot his load deep down inside and then he moaned "Ah, oo!"

He wandered off and Ellie Mae, rolled on to her back,
Her Daddy saw her layin' there, and said "I'll take a crack,"
Ellie Mae with her eyes closed was thinking bout her back.
He jumped her bones and spread her legs and entered with a smack,

"Ellie Mae," her Daddy moaned, "Your pussy is so fine,
You've got the nicest pussy, that anyone can find!"
He fucked her pussy in and out, just like she was Divine,
He shot his load inside her hole, he blew poor Ellie's mind.

Ellie Mae was laying there, her Daddy'd gone away,
And out of the bushes, stepped old Mister Grey,
Ellie's mouth was open wide, and she was lookin' fay,
He pushed his cock inside her mouth and said "It's time to play."

He shoved his cock inside her mouth, and down into her throat,
Ellie Mae thought she would die, or maybe she'd just float.
Mister Grey was pumping hard just like a fucking shoat,
He blew his load and Ellie cried "You evil nasty goat!"

Ellie Mae was tender now, all her holes were sore,
She got dressed and went inside, and slammed her bedroom door.
She fussed and grumbled to herself, and said "I'm feelin' poor,
It seems I'm getting fucked around they treat me like a whore!"
Yall cum, an' cum, an' cum, yall hear?

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