tagErotic PoetryEmbrace of the Spiderwoman

Embrace of the Spiderwoman


It's just another routine delivery,
Supreme, no anchovies.

She opens the door
and beckons to you.

Come into my parlor,
and so you do,

setting it on the large table.
When you turn around,

She is going through her purse.
Oops no money! she says,

and cups you
like you've never been cupped before.

I'll have to tip you another way,
she whispers, squeezing your balls,

the age spots swirling like galaxies
on her cackling, toothless face,

and you grow like Pinocchio's nose.
Oh, my! she says.

All the better to drink you down,
ripping your zipper open,

and you jut free,
hopelessly exposed

to whatever mercies
her hungry head may dispense.

She tears off your shirt,
swallows your pants,

her tongue licking
its depraved way

down your chest.
You quiver

when it spirals around
your throbbing cock,

its burning acids
etching her name

into your meek
human flesh

as she hangs you
on a web that isn't there.

Her twisted tongue
spinning around your shaft,

leading it in a dance
that human flesh cannot perform.

You ache as her sagging arm
seizes your abused organ,

while her toothless mouth
engulfs your throbbing balls.

You feel hands that should not be there
spreading your ass,

an arm that feels like a tongue
penetrating that virgin passage.

as she gums and squeezes your balls,
grazing them with new-grown teeth.

Two more arms trace their way over your nipples,
down your chest, and her hair,

no longer a sparse web of white silk
but golden rays of sunlight,

spills over her now perfect boobs,
tickling your thighs as she

beats your boner with her brutally
squeezing hand.

Her mouth
rises from your balls,
stretches, and more tongues
rap around your gonads.

spinning them like a lost dreidel,
squeezing you

like a tube of Aquafresh
and your hot cum

pours down her ice cold
thirsty throat.

She rises, her magnificent breasts
on full display as she climbs the web,

the tent of her golden tresses
covers you, protecting you

like the long lost womb.
Her hot cunt devours your face.

Like Alice's bottle, it whispers
"drink me" and her eyes,

now eight and ocean blue
smile at you as she

pours her hot piss
down your eager throat,

and you feel its warmth
suffusing your body,

her mind blending with yours
until there is only you,

and you see your own eight eyes,
black reflected in her blue,

and you begin to feel
the hunger.

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