(for my transsexual lover, and the gender flux in me)

male female you
kaleidoscopic one
brilliant shades of you
form and shape again
the patterns and the newness
that is you
and you
and you again
breast and chest
skirt and levis
meet as one
in you and me

and I am whole
in all kaleidoscopic cells
and selves I am one
when we two
meet as two in one and one in two

and two and two to one
one kaleidoscopic one
one rainbow broken-open-pomegranate-one
we spill tears seeds rain hair
as one
and one and one to one
one breath
two nostrils
breathing sweetness in our sleep kaleidoscopic one
breathe in rainbow pomegranate
that we have won
for planting in our dreamscape
our silly-not-so-silly not-promised land

I promise you kaleidoscopic
rainbow juice of pomegranates savored
in a once barren land
I promise
two and two
are one


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