tagNon-Erotic Poetryeverything for a piece of ass

everything for a piece of ass


'tell me' i raised my voice,
wanting to convey the fact that i was indeed
beyond mad
i knew what he had done
everyone is this small town talks
tells me what they see
what they hear
you figure out who to believe
you know who the liars are
who the tall tellers are
and this came from someone who never gossips
who told a friend to be careful
who said that they loved me
and didn't want me to get hurt
or embarrased
or go absolutely insane if i had seen this myself.

'it's all in your head' you scream at me
and now i know that you are a liar.
you never raise your voice to me
and when you do it is only in defense
and you only defend yourself
from me when you are wrong
and now here we are
you screaming at me
infuriated at yourself
mad because i know
your mind turning and twisting
wondering how i found out.

You have no clue that the one who spilt
the one who spewed forth your indescretions
the one who fell to the floor below me
crying her shame
shouting her sorrows
knowing she lost me forever
the one friend she had was now gone
the lover she had never wanted her for keeps
the lover she had was nowhere to be seen.
your infedelity killed us
my unforgiving self killed us
her honesty killed us
her honesty killed us
her honesty killed us.

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