tagErotic PoetryFace Fuck Book #98-- Tattooed Lydia

Face Fuck Book #98-- Tattooed Lydia


My Uncle Ollie was a sea faring man
       tattooed from Brooklyn to Siam
An assortment of art you’ve never seen
       from pious and holy to outright obscene
He lived above a tattoo parlor
       in a neighborhood rife with squalor
The tattoo artist was famous indeed
       featured at conventions and on TV
I like to view tattoos on men
       that are unusual and then
It’s fun to see a gal tattooed
       lift her blouse to show her boobs            
Is it art or the oppty to flash her tits?
       I’m not sure, but I'll examine it!
Long story short, I met Lydia
       the assistant
       of the tat artist named Vincent
We dated when I came to town
She was a beauty, the first I’d found
       covered with tats from tit to cunt
Up and down, from back to front
The soles of her feet were tropical views
       Islands, volcanoes and hulas too
Each breast was engraved with a different
One was blue, the other green
      the solar system taken in space
      from NASA photos of some place
One tit showed the birth of a star
      a distance infinite from where we are
The other showed our galaxy celestial
      Earth green, Mars red, Pluto                 
      colored special
A yellow Sun shone from her cleavage
Her arms were covered in chains and vines
       as if ensnared in a jungle one time
Her neck was ringed with fierce thorns
       if she parted her hair, a pair of horns
Her ass had Angel Falls with boulders
       the water falls started from her shoulders
The scene was so damn artistic
       even the fish were realistic
Her legs were covered in creative fictions
       with Noah's arc and animal depictions
The other with insects of all descriptions
Her flat belly held a nest of snakes
       vipers and cobras, rattle snakes
Where or what was left to paint?
       only her cunt and her taint!
There circling her vagina in metallic hues
       a split bear trap, pointed teeth eschewed
A chain to the underside of her ass cheek
       Not a scene for the very meek
She showed me one by one these pics
       It got me very dizzy!
But when I saw the steel traps teeth
       I got scared and kinda' queasy
“Now you’ve seen it all,” she said
      “Are you afraid to fuck me?”
“I am embarrassed, my sweet
       I’ve no tats to compete
       with your Technicolor obsession
Come here to me, sit on my lap
       I'll fuck you before your fingers snap”
She turned on all the apartment lights
       to vamp while we were fucking
And after I’d begun, of course
       she primed me with some sucking
She straddled me from up above
      “Please watch with care, my darling love”
As she rose and I thrust
       that moment came to bare
Just when she felt the sperm release
       she contorted her face and cheek
       spasmed the muscles of her belly
In disbelieve, in fear of grief
       I saw her spring the trap
As her cunt tighten up on me
       I swear I could hear it snap
I should have seen it coming
       but sex is sometimes dumbing
She held me in the jaws of death
       so sweet and tight her cunt’s caress
After a minute she released
       my cock shrunk down to half at least
Lydia laughed and teased
       insisted that I come to see
       Vincent, and that he tattoo me
“A few blood spurts around your pubes”
Of course the hair I had to loose
Lydia shaved me bare and nude
And Vinny inked above my nip
A tiny satellite Sputnik
So on my heart, there'd be a sign
       of Lydia, and our time
She convinced me to let her film a scene
       it’s out there on the little screen
Some Porno U-tube I suppose
       perhaps you’ve seen it, heaven knows?
You’ll see us in a close-up rare
       we’re fucking and the cameras there
My cock and her tatted cunt exposed
My blood tattooed pube, will show
You’ll see me enter
       and wham it’s closed
Forgive me if my cocks not giant
But you have to admit, it is defiant
When it  places itself in the jaws of death
But what life is lived
       without some threat

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