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Fellatio Fun


He walks into my room
And looks at me
Brown eyes staring
His hand flaring
To grasp his cock.

I know what he wants.

He gives it a few rubs
Right through his clothes
Teasingly pats the bed
Beckons with his head
Smiles a very sexy smile.

I know what he needs.

I walk over to him
Pull his shorts down
As I kick off my shoes
My lips down south ooze
And I drop to my knees.

He knows what I love.

My tongue
Licks his cock
To my hot, wet lips
As I pull his hips
Take him into my mouth.

He knows what I do best.

Back and forth
I push-pull him to me
As I feel the outer skin
Of his cock out then in
And I think I will cream myself.

He knows how I get.

His breath hard and heavy
Just like his cock
His knees start to shake
And a moan starts to quake
A sound that makes me so hot.

I start to moan myself.

His hips then thrust wildly
He takes a step back
The air does the rest
His cum hits my chest
I rub it all over my tits.

We know how to have fun.

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