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For Alexis


For Alexis

I have never wanted anyone like this…
and in this way.
I’ve tried to put reigns on my desires,
cage up the fiery bird of passion,
it can’t be done.
You take away my God-given breath.
Your eyes would put jealousy into the stars,
the lights of the night.
Your lips, pink plush,
shame a rose,
tantalize me, twisting and smiling;
your radiant skin
(the colour of cream
and smooth as moths’ wings)…
oh me!
I am thinking of you now,
as I look on the night…
for you are my goddess
as I wish I was yours.
You are Alexis.


This poem was written in adoration of a girl I was collaborating with on the acting stage. She told me that I reminded her of a reincarnated Marilyn Monroe, and so, in appreciation of her words AND her outstanding beauty, this poem was borne.

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