tagNon-Erotic PoetryForever Watching

Forever Watching


The black sky that shown across unnumbered years, casting not light, but shadow.
Stars watching me dreamily, blinking as fireflies caught in the darkness.
Forever standing, floating, watching – Forever watching me.

The fog stands still, moving and turning as oil mixed with water moved by the wind.
The look of black, white and gray, hiding my watcher.
Forever standing, floating, watching – Forever watching me.

The sun moves slowly, never moving like the fog.
Never as dark as the black night, but burning like a fire with in my soul.
Forever standing, floating, watching – Forever watching me.

The wind moves softly, rushing through the branches, stirring the grass upon the ground.
Whispering in my ear, invisible to my eye, but shinning bright against my skin.
Forever standing, floating, watching – Forever watching me.

The rain falls down, as arrows falling from up above.
Angels, like archers, laughing and playing with my mind.
Forever standing, floating, watching – Forever watching me.

The cold bites softly as a dog ripping into meat.
Forever mixing feelings, sending me to bed, shivering.
Forever standing as snow, Forever floating as fairies,
Forever watching as guardian – Forever watching me.

The heat brings up flowers; lets them die and melts them down to feed the others.
Sends me into ice cold showers; bringing thoughts of ice cream into my head.
Forever standing as enemy, Forever floating as weapon,
Forever watching for my protection – Forever watching me.

The seasons pass by slowly, moving at a freeway speed limit
Bringing color of night; sending colors of day
Forever standing as a charging friend, Forever floating as a changing time
Forever watching like the tree – Forever watching me

The years go by changing unlike the stars in the sky
In 6 years, I’ll have changed from unthoughtful child to responsible adult
In 60 years I’ll look back and I’ll know I have crawled,
walked, run, danced, walked and then crawled again
And that is when, after many years, I’ll be able to remember I first saw
The black night casting shadows, not light; the stars as fireflies; the fog turning and moving
The sun burning my soul; the wind moving softly, whispering in my ear
The rain falling down as arrows from the angels above
The cold biting as a dog into meat; the heat bringing flowers
The beautiful seasons passing by;
Forever I’ll be standing as a tower in the wind
Forever I’ll be floating on Cloud 9,
Forever watching you as you forever watched me

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