tagErotic PoetryFrancis And The Neighbor Lady!

Francis And The Neighbor Lady!

byUncle Pervey©

Francis was always feelin' horny,
But not for just any pussy.
He'd seen the neighbor lady's bare ass,
And Francis wasn't no "Woosie!"

His eyes bugged out and his "dong" hung down,
And it almost reached to the ground!
Francis nearly ran and jumped the fence,
And he COULD HAVE, with a short bound!

The lady next door was "Gardening,"
And she had on a SHORT "sun" dress.
She wasn't wearing any panties,
And this got Francis in his "Mess!"

He hollered at her, "Hey Sweet Mama,
You've got my dick DRAGGING the ground!
Your "naked" ass is driving me "Mad,"
Would you PLEASE pull your sun dress down?"

The neighbor looked at Francis, and smiled,
"What was it you JUST SAID to me?
What's that you got hanging underneath?
It looks like a pink "Hairless TREE!"

Francis called back to her, "PLEASE Lady,
You're lookin' GOOD ENOUGH to EAT!
If you won't pull that sun dress back down,
Would you JUST let me LICK your MEAT?"

The lady laughed and hollered right back,
If you'll let me finish this row,
I'll come and visit you for awhile,
And we'll just SEE how FAR you GO!"

Francis kept eyeing her naked ass,
His watering mouth made him drool.
Then the lady walked OVER to him,
And Francis was NO KIND of "FOOL!"

He told the lady "If you climb the fence,
And turn and bend over the rail.
I believe my tongue can MAKE you CUM,
And I MIGHT even MAKE you WAIL!"

The lady smiled and climbed to the top,
She turned around and bent over.
Francis gave a slow hot slurping lick,
And licked her pussy, and "clover!"

"Oh my yes!" The neighbor lady squealed,
"Work that hot wet tongue deep inside!
Your tongue is making my pussy wet,"
And she shivered, and moaned, and sighed!

Francis wormed his tongue inside her hole,
And got his tongue INSIDE real DEEP!
When Francis slurped her pussy's juice out,
She felt SUCH JOY she HAD to WEEP!

She moaned "Oh yes! You're making me cum,
Keep my pussy filled with your tongue.
And when I finish cumming" she gasped,
"I'll BET I can MAKE you FEEL "YOUNG!"

Francis kept licking til she said "Stop,"
And he watched her climb down REAL slow.
He could see she was feelin' "Shakey,"
He thought he KNEW where she would go!

The neighbor lady grinned, "It's YOUR turn,
You pleased ME and NOW, I'll please YOU!
I'm going to "Pleasure" your BIG red "Dick,
And you'll CLIMAX before I'M through!"

Francis watched her crawl underneath him,
And felt both her hands grab his meat.
Then Francis MOANED when he FELT her TONGUE,
And he heard her gasp, "What a TREAT!"

He felt her hands moving up and down,
He felt his cock's head inside her mouth,
Then she STOPPED sucking his "TREASURE!"

Francis moaned and gasped "Why DID you stop?
He heard her say "I got OTHER plans,
You're "gonna" fill my PUSSY "Chum!"

Francis looked and saw her bottom raised,
And he felt his prick touch her hole.
He watched her SLOWLY work his cock in,
Then he felt her STROKING his "Pole!"

Francis was THANKFUL he had FOUR legs,
He KNEW with just two he'd have fell.
He felt his hot cum start spurting out,
And he heard her give out a YELL!

"Oh my Francis, You're filling me up!
I FEEL your HOT CUM spurting DEEP!
And it's MAKIN' me WANT to WEEP!"

The neighbor lady began shoving,
Impaling herself EVEN MORE.
Francis kept spraying HOT CUM inside,
And KNEW his cum FLOODED her CORE!
Francis just stood there after he came,
With ALL his legs SHAKEY and WEAK.
The Lady had shoved 10 inches in,
And then he HEARD her GIVE a SQUEAK!

"I FEEL like there's a BIG HOT "Pole,"
Stretching my PUSSY out of SHAPE!"
She slid forward til it slipped back out,
And looked at her pussy agape!

Francis had TRULY filled her pussy,
Right to the TOP with his HOT CREAM.
She looked "woefully" at her BIG HOLE,
And mumbled "This MUST be a DREAM!"

Francis looked at her and soothed, "Don't fret,
Your hole is STRETCHED but it WON'T last.
In a day or two it'll close back,
So don't worry, it just won't last!"

The neighbor lady moaned, "I HOPE so,
Cause my husband's a JEALOUS man.
If he saw my pussy stretched like this,
I think he'd REALLY KICK my can!"

Francis thought a minute then he asked,
Would you answer my question Lass?
I've got a PLAN that I think MIGHT work,

She answered with an emphatic "NO,"
NO person has EVER had THAT!"
Francis grinned and said "It just MIGHT work,
He won't SEE it if you DON'T "Blat!"

"What you SHOULD DO for a DAY or TWO,
If you're layin' "NAKED" on your front,
I think you'll STIR up a REAL "Thirst!"

The neighbor lady groaned "Maybe so,
But I've HEARD it HURTS a whole LOT."
Francis said "I heard for JUST a WHILE,
And just THINK about YOUR tight SPOT!"

She gave a moan, and then grinned at him,
For an old "Coot" you're pretty smart!
I THINK your IDEA, will work FINE,
And I THINK I can PLAY my PART!"

Francis watched the neighbor lady leave,
And thought about her man's GOOD LUCK.
Her husband was IN for a SURPRISE,
He was going to get a GREAT FUCK!

Old Francis and the neighbor lady,
Got to be each other's BEST Friend.
He'd "Pleasure" her, and she'd GIVE it BACK,
And her HUSBAND would GET her END!!

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