tagErotic Poetryfrom simmer to sizzle

from simmer to sizzle


we start off slow
with just some french kissing
more sex in my life
that's what i've been missing
you kiss my neck
you nibble my ear
cumming too soon
is my only fear
we're feeling each other
we're still wearing clothes
this is how
foreplay goes
gently you move
your hands to my breasts
i can feel your heart palpitating
right through your chest
you whisper in my ear
telling me i am a fox
just those few simple words
knock me out of my socks
we take our time
getting undressed
i was a little nervous
that i confessed
you tell me don't worry
then kiss me again
if i've ever been this aroused
i can't recall when
we're on the bed
grinding away
then you go down on me
continuing foreplay
you eat me out
for as long as i can stand
and both my boobs
you hold in your hand
you kiss your way
back up to my neck
then i suck your dick
which is already erect
i stoke your cock
while sucking on it
in my mouth
it perfectly fit
while you were eating my pussy
i came on your fce
you swallowed it all
not leaving a trace
and while i was sucking your dick
you shot your load on my face
i'm a facial fanatic
so that was the right place
we start fucking
and it feels so great
it's only my cunt
that you love to penetrate
reverse cow girl
that's how im ridin' your dick
you're massaging my tits
and i give them a lick
my clit's swollen
my nipples are erect
for you cock to feel this good
i did not expect
we're sweatin' like pigs
but we don't stop
i lay on my back
you get on top
i was wearing edible undies
in your favorite flavor
them mixed with my cum
is a combination you savor
you're giving it real good
and i'm giving it right back
with every push
your nuts hit my ass crack
my legs are wrapped around you
my nails are in your back
for us both to cum again
we're on the right track
with such an intense release
we both are out of breath
we gave it all we hand
and we have nothing left

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