Full circle


As I make my way to go
Nothing changes
My friends don’t push for time
My family still doesn’t call
And my life still feels empty

She asks me to stay
In a loving way
But she knows I must feel my future
Page my destiny
And run my course

What am I looking for out here?
I left home to chase it and follow my path
But two years later I am drawn back to where
I started from

More secure and independent
Healthier, wiser, and driven
Shedding baggage
Forging new love
Finding my inner beauty

But, the full circle of geographical portions is my question
Is it time to go home?
Is it time to pull my family close?
Or is it my way of trying to regress
Scared of the new future I have found

Since my soul died, and she left, I have tried to follow the winds
See the signs and breathe in the smells
I see the way I am being pointed home
But, still I question…why full circle?

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