tagNon-Erotic PoetryFuture the King

Future the King


Life slave of future ,
the unknown , unforeseen,
it can take me anywhere
my dreams , my nightmares

Should I wait
for you king ?
The path you desire for me
Or should I rebel

I have buckled often
but I feel the strength inside
I will resist
I hate slavery

I can bend but never be broken
till my last breath

Would never bow down to you king
Will accept only freedom
Will change you - visionless path

Fight with me
won 't buckle down
resolved as rock
till my last breath

Rebel the slavery
I am the king
I will breathe my dream only
will ask for no less

The cards I have been dealt with
is no limitation
I know to win only

King , you may win
the battle
but never the war
till my last breath

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