tagNon-Erotic PoetryGit Up and Git!

Git Up and Git!

byUncle Pervey©

He grew up around G.M. products,
That's what his Daddy had "always" bought.
Then he "Discovered" Henry Ford's car,
And a "Custom" was the "first" he bought!

The "first" time he saw it, he just frowned,
He said it "Didn't look much," but then,
When the salesman lifted up the hood,
He just looked with a big "Silly" grin!

He said to the salesman, "My oh my,
How "fast" do you think this "car" will go?"
"I've had it to "One-Fifty" he said,
"And I'll tell ya "Brother" that ain't slow!

Junior "bought" that "Ford" right on the "Spot,"
And headed home as "fast" as he could.
He couldn't "wait" for Daddy to "see,"
That big engine when he raised the hood!

His Daddy was a "Chevrolet" man,
And he didn't think "Better" was made.
He had a "Three-Fifty" in HIS car,
And he thought his car was just "Top-Grade!"

The son drove up to his Daddy's house,
And "raced" his engine a little bit.
He saw his Daddy step on the porch,
And he heard his Daddy just say "Shit!"

"What's that "Thing" that you're sittin' in Son?
My God Son could it be? Oh my Lord.
Junior climbed out with a big wide grin,
And he bragged "It's a "Custom Made" Ford!"

His Daddy smirked, "It sure don't look "Much,
It looks kind a "Plain," and "little" too!"
Junior laughed and said "Raise up that hood,
And you'll "see" just "what" this "Car" can "Do!"

His Daddy came and lifted the hood,
And took one look and said "Holy Shit!
They ain't "Nothin'" but "Engine" in there,
I think you "bought" some "Git up and Git!"

His son said "You're a "Chevrolet" man,
And you like big engine's that's been "Bored,"
I saw this "Car" and I "Fell" in "Love,"
With this "small" Custom "High-Powered" Ford!"

His Daddy asked "How "fast" can it go?"
Junior answered "It can move "real" Good!
It's been up as high as "One-Fifty,"
With all that "Power" under the hood!"

His Daddy scratched his head then chuckled,
"I'm "glad" you got "Something" that's been "Bored."
But as for me Son, I have to say,
I ain't "Never" gonna "Own" no "Ford!"

Junior and his Daddy were "Happy,"
They were "Both" satisfied with their cars.
They could "Outrun" the "Law" with their "Shine,"
And sell their "Moonshine" to ALL the Bars!!

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