tagErotic PoetryHappy, Jack, Frowning and Grin

Happy, Jack, Frowning and Grin

byMy Erotic Tail©

Happy, Jack, Frowning and Grin
were sittin' around the patch of pumpkin.
It was late summer and early Autumn.
Just sittin' around doin' nothing.

Then they heard a truck door slam.
Sounded close, like a loud 'Bam'.
Harvested, loaded and then truckin'
was Happy, Jack, Frowning and Grin.

With out eye's pumpkins can't see
So when some were created these four were pleased.
Then placed on a porch all they could see were knee's.
Happy, Jack, Frowning and Grin were now without seed.

Cleaned out and used to make pies
where Happy, Jack, Frowning and Grin's insides.
But they sat proudly where they now reside.
On the front porch, outside.

When night finally fell
Their candles were lit and they could see well
They glowed, brightly and 'swell'
But Frowning was still unhappy you could tell.

"What's wrong Frowning?" Jack asked aloud.
Happy asked, "Why aren't you proud?"
Grin shouted, "That man's well indowed."
Happy, Jack and Grin peered through the curtain's shroud.

Frowning started grinning and grin was now a frown.
Happy was stunned and Jack was glaring round.
As this man was undressing through the shroud
Happy, Jack and Grin were looking up at the night clouds.

"Aw heck," came from Frowning
As they all looked at what he was sounding.
A woman walked in with out any clothes.
Happy, Jack and Grins noses glowed.

These four watched as the couple made love
Then came the wetness from up above.
Happy then moved from a hard nudge.
His candle went out in a wet sludge.

A dog was wizzin' and lifting it's leg.
"Don't...stop!" Jack began to beg.
Happy didn't have his big cut out smile.
the dog could be heard barking for more than a mile.

Frowning was now Happy and Happy had a frown
as they all watched the woman put on an evening gown.
The couple got in their car and headed to town.
Happy, Jack, Frowning and Grin looked around.

Ghosts and gobblin's walk the streets
Then came the kid with his kleets.
smashed poor Grin with a stomp of his feet
Because no one was home to give him a treat.

Another grabbed Frowning and gave him a throw.
Jack could hear the pumpkin say, "Oh No."
In a million pieces now in the road.
Frowning's candle never more glowed.

When the couple came home they saw the demise,
and quickly cleaned up outside.
They didn't really seemed concerned.
For they still had one Jack-o-lantern.

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