Hard Day


By Charlie Wilder

you have had a very hard day
you call me to tell me you beat you are
just worn out
don't feel like going out tonight or doing anything
i ask you to just stop by
i have something for you
just take a few minutes
when you knock on the door
i open the door and take you on my arms
a very long soft kiss
then i hand you a glass of Cabernet
something I was saving for an occasion
and lead you to my couch
i sit you down and kiss you
very passionately
like when we first met
and then sit on the floor at your feet
i take off your shoes
around the corner from the couch i have a few things I have prepared while you were on your way
now hidden from your sight
one is a tub of very warm water with rose petals
so i place your feet into the tub of water to let them soak while I kiss and massage your calves and knees
i then remove your left foot and place it in my lap. i rub some scented oil on it and give it a thorough massage
then the other foot
same treatment as the left foot soaks again in the warm rose water
then I remove both feet
dry them
kiss each toe
and wrap the right foot in a soft towel
i have another pail with a few things in it under the couch
retrieving it,
i remove any old nail polish you have on your left toes
taking my time with each
then i paint each toe nail with fresh polish
and blow on them to dry
same treatment for the right foot
i love to apply the polish
lots of kisses as i blow on them
by now you need a fresh drink
i have the bottle on the floor beside me
you are very relaxed now
the stress of the day melting away
laying back
enjoying the attention to your tired feet
now i kiss each foot
all over
sucking on the newly painted toes
kissing your ankles
back and forth between each leg
up to your knees
my fingernails scraping lightly over the back of each leg
pushing your legs slightly apart
i kiss up the inside of your thighs
nice that you wore a dress today
very slow, wet, warm kisses
inside of each thigh
my tongue just tasting your skin
you settle down further on the couch
with your right hand you slide the hem of your skirt up high
i follow it with my lips
playing catch me
i reach your underwear
soft, silky fabric
nuzzle against it with my nose and lips
knowing how wet you are now
kissing hard against the fabric
hearing as your breathing deepens
as i kiss harder
the fabric is wet
i lick it
the taste makes me dizzy
your hands wrap in my hair as i kiss and lick
biting through the cloth
feeling how slippery you are beneath
you put your feet up on the edge of the couch
now wide open to me
i kiss harder
slide my tongue under the elastic
finding you
you reach with one hand and pull the fabric out of the way
and I just brush my lips over you
sliding my tongue
barely penetrating
just tasting
now kissing harder
finding your clit
I take it between my lips
sucking gently
then harder
then long licks
deep in your pussy
tongue spread wide on you
the movement of your hips is so erotic
you press hard against me
your fingers in my hair
harder and faster
i reach under you
squeezing hard
lifting you to me
flicking my tongue
i hear you moan my name
and again
it make me crazy with desire
you reach with one hand
spread your pussy lips
playing with your fingers
i kiss and lick them
i want to feel you cum
feel the tightening of your muscles
as the world stops for a moment
the spasm of your pussy
as you climax
the wetness
the sounds

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