tagErotic Poetryhear my voice

hear my voice


Gentle ripples of passion score
Fire burns deep within her heart
A raging inferno that can’t be tamed
Anxious to taste the unknown world
The Master calls…he calls her name
Look at me, my little one
Surrender and hear my voice

The world is full of lies he says
Listen and hear my words
Her eyes are wild, she says she’s fine
But her vision is dark and blurred
Look at me, my precious pet
Surrender and hear my voice

There is much to learn before you go
In the world you must be strong
I have great strength she replied
What possibly could go wrong
Look at me, my princess
Surrender and hear my voice

When you go, remember my words
They are to keep you safe from harm
Then she stepped into the world
Away from his loving arms
As he watched her go, he cried
Surrender and hear my voice

Gaily she stepped out, free at last
The wind took the words he told
And the world caved in around her
All she found was fool’s gold
She looks at him now through silent tears
My Master, I surrender....
My Master, I hear your voice

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