tagErotic Poetryhear the wind( the real version)

hear the wind( the real version)


every beat of my hart insires me

Hear the wind roar he is a friend
His journey through life will never end
In to the breeze a kiss I blow
sent with my love I watch it go

Hear the birds as they take flight
To search long in to the night
For A safe place, like I found in your arms
A heaven I go to where my heartbeat calms

Hear the thunder as it echo's in the skies
Reverberating like my soul that flies
Across the world with each sound
Flying high to you above the ground

See the steam as the sun rays beat
On the water as it starts to heat
That is my passion for you that burns
As my thoughts to want, and hunger turns

Hear the rain as it hits the slates
Torrents and Rivers of water it makes
They are the crying of my tears
As we are parted , never to be near

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